Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

N95 Particulate Respirator NIOSH

NIOSH approved; We have various models available including the cup-shape model with nose foam and secured head straps for an adjusted, custom and proper fit, as well as a foldable design with nose foam and secured head straps.

KN95 Particulate Respirator – FDA / CE / FFP2

Foldable particulate respirator with FDA, CE, FFP2 and GB2626-2006 certification with secured head straps for an adjusted, custom and proper fit.

Surgical Medical 3-Ply Masks

Disposable 3-ply surgical masks, FDA and CE approved, medical grade BFE > 95% and PFE > 30%

Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer is a reusable handheld device. It can be used by consumers in home care environments and doctors in clinics or hospitals. It is intended for measuring human body temperature of people by detecting infrared heat from the center of the forehead. Rapid 1-second results. Battery operated.

Isolation Gowns – Level 1

Disposable isolation gowns / coveralls Level 1; protects from neck down with ties in the back

Surgical Isolation Gowns – Level 3

Disposable isolation surgical gowns Level 3 medical grade with sleeves with cuffs, 35 gsm, non-woven material.

Tyvek Suits – Level 4

Medical grade, Level 4; Sterile; Tyvek Suits, taped and seam-sealed for full body protection against infectious / viral diseases and blood penetration, with front zip closure and adhesive seal protection.

Visor / Face Shield

Anti-fog, high-temperature resistance face shield with foam and adjustable strap for comfortable and adjusted fit.

Safety Goggles

Protective safety goggles with impact-resistant lenses that shield entire eyes; can be worn over existing eye glasses; with adjustable head strap for supportive fit.