Our Footwear Brands

BellaSiba Italia

With roots in Italy, the name BellaSiba means Beautiful Youthfulness. The brand carries this name to remind every woman that it is possible to maintain both beauty and youth, regardless of age. The BellaSiba Italia footwear collections aim to inspire women of all ages through this concept of youthful beauty.

Cozy N Comfy

The name says it all… Footwear to keep your feet cozy and comfy. This brand specializes in slippers and indoor footwear for men and women for all seasons, at various price points, and made in various countries.


Emiliano is an exquisite, noteworthy footwear brand, blending timeless shoe styles with a unique flair. With the access of the best leathers from tanneries in Italy, Spain, Argentina, among others, and with the help of skilled craftsmanship, the footwear collections for men offer fancy but affordable styles with a touch of elegance, poise, extravagance and humility.


Finesse stands for refined delicacy and is inspired by French women, known for being extremely beautiful, neat and having an impeccable and refined eye for fashion. The unique designs of the Finesse brand remain recognizable, curating handmade and hand-painted leather collections that bring lightness, livelihood and a sexy touch reminiscent of France, without being loud or vulgar, and therefore pleasing women of all ages.


Fjord from the Norse language “fjörðr”, means “der man ferder over” (English: “where you travel across”). Fjord speaks to the passion for travel, for fashion, and uniqueness. It offers today contemporary and modern designs for men and women that touches the hearts of millennials.

Lolla Bacchi

Lolla Bacchi has grown and aims to inspire and delight people’s life with edgy and modern designs. What started as only temporary became a renowned women’s fashion utility brand which perpetuates till date, bringing modern looks and a feminine touch to each collection.

OrthoSolutions by Hans Leibniz

Shoes made with soft leathers, with stability in the soles and heels, and with the possibility of changing the insole, adapting to the client’s needs. This is what best describes the OrthoSolutions brand. It believes it is possible to keep up-to-date on the latest in this market, creating styles that are comfortable, functional, catering to those who need an orthopaedic shoe, without leaving aside the fashion aspect of it.

Stepwel Canada

As a successful Canadian shoe manufacturer, Stepwel Canada was rooted in the heart of the infamous Chabanel area in Montreal, back in the early 2000’s. With the goal to constantly innovate, Stepwel Canada mastered the art of providing comfort in aesthetically pleasing designs for day-to-day wear in the Canadian market. The Company set itself apart by listening to its customers’ needs and continually evolving and developing collections that every Canadian would love.