POSTsilver is a revolutionary antimicrobial film that protects high touch surfaces where retransmission of viruses and bacteria occur most prevalently. This smart material applies to any surface and durable properties continually kill 99.9% of germs.

Auto Sanitizing Gates & Disinfecting Tunnels

The Moki Auto-Sanitizing Gates are a proprietary technology to help prevent the spread of viruses and germs in public places. The innovative dry mist technology permits the safe sanitizing of objects and people from head to toe.

Portable Hand Washing Stations

The portable hand washing station dual sink or single sink models are versatile, convenient and promote proper cleanliness in all environments. All models offer touchless operation and are fully mobile.


Our ULV cold foggers and electrostatic sprayers offer the latest top of the line disinfection products that will help prevent the spreading of infectious diseases in workplaces schools, daycares, malls, hotels, public transit, hospitals, offices, and other public spaces.

Hand Sanitizer

The Moki hand sanitizer gel models are Health Canada approved with a NPN number. The hand sanitizers are made with premium quality, food-grade 75% ethyl alcohol, and available in multiple formats.